Preliminary Report

Churchill and Blakedown preliminary report

Below is shewn the track lay out top 1882 lower 1975 information Track layouts by Cook 1975 the up direction is to Kidderminster, the down to Stourbridge. Map from Kidderminster railway museum.

                                          From Boynton A century of Railways 1998

“Churchill and Blakedown Station date 1852 formerly Churchill then Churchill and Blakedown”

Signal box prob. 1881/82 abolished August 2013. No frame, panel controlling local level crossing, last unit under the control of the box about midnight of the Friday before the bank holiday in August on the down road.

Information from Cook. Track plans, Goods shed road marked A on plan above removed pre 1955, the Up relief siding marked c on map Taken out of use 1965.the Down relief siding marked D on plan taken out of use as late as 1971.A back road to the rear of the Goods shed tou in 1958 marked B on plan.

The cross over remained (long radius x over) till 2013.(is this x over still in situ) Catch points were removed late 1980s. The writer purchased the GWR cast iron “catch points” sign. The box is situated at 138 miles and 50 chains.

With reference to railway and commercial gazetteer January 1894. The station was referred to as “Churhill”. Book in possession of writer. Population of village in 1894 155 persons mileage from London 139.

With ref to the Handbook of stations 1956 “ the station accommodation consisted as goods and passengers, the yard crane had a capacity of one ton and 10 cwts.

With reference to the London Midland and Scottish Railway rate book January 1928. Page 30 the goods group was Birmingham group 30

With ref to British railways WR Appendix to no 15 section page 85 “ Handpoints controlling the connection between the straight road and the goods shed siding on the up side. “The handpoints controlling the above connections are provided with a metal strap and padlock. Normally the points are kept locked in position for the straight road, the key is retained in the signal box”

Information not known.
When were the wooden crossing gates removed?
When was the frame removed?
When was footbridge removed? Was there a footbridge?

View to Kidderminster, A typical village GWR station, note crossing gates, mechanical signals, a quite delightful down side waiting shelter, blue brick platform. The up side main station building is similar to that at Hagley, sadly now demolished.

Above is illustrated the station view to Hagley. A permanent waymans hut can be seen. Note the blue and white enamel GWR gentleman’s sign, on the Birmingham platform next to the ornate and charming GWR waiting shelter is a GWR station seat, note the gardens and planting being attended to by the railway worker

Both these illustrations are from the writers collection and are copyright Oxford Publishing company, obtained on 25th April 1977.

by Stephen Bragginton of Kidderminster Civic Society