Churchill and Blakedown Signal Box


Exterior of Signal Box Open Day 25-3-2017 (courtesy Mike Pitt)

Saturday the 25th March 2017 was the first opportunity that the Churchill and Blakedown Historical Society had to open the Signal Box to the members and the public; it was open from 9am until 2pm.
The day was a beautiful warm sunny spring day and members of the society along with local residents and people passing were invited inside to view the Signal Box and to enjoy some refreshment.
There were various visitors some most unexpected train enthusiasts who had come from as far as Coventry. All were very impressed with the achievement of saving the Signal Box for future generations. The visitors were also generous with their donations which will go to the Villages Trust towards the maintenance and running costs of this new village facility.

5043 Earl of Mount Edgecumbe 25th March 2017 (courtesy David Chandler

Photo of ‘The Earl of Mount Edgecumbe’ by courtesy of David Chandler

All present were very surprised and excited by an unexpected steam train going through the station. The engine was number 5043 namely ‘The Earl of Mount Edgecumbe’ and it was pulling a number of very full dining carriages. Again to the surprise of all about 30 mins later a large old diesel engine came through namely ‘The Northern Belle’ also pulling a large number of dining carriages. The view of these trains was excellent both from inside the Box and also from the balcony at the top of the steps.
A very pleasant day was spent by all, helpers and visitors alike and will be repeated again in the near future. Please watch out in the Broadcast and on posters around the village for the dates and times when the Signal Box will be open for everyone to come and have a look round and enjoy some refreshments.

Irene Pitt – Secretary of the Churchill and Blakedown Historical Society